March 31, 2016

MANITOU: 100% Quebec!

The introduction of an integrated management system is a significant challenge for the organizations who decide to get one. The selection process, the contractual aspects, the change management, the implantation, the training of users and the support are often filled with surprises.

MANITOU : 100 % Quebec

For Local Businesses
For the Quebec organizations, barriers may be even more numerous when the language, the currencies or the contractual aspects are different from the overall market they know. Walls continue to erect when your data is sent to another country, in the hands of foreigners. Things are entirely different at MANITOU, a division of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES. There, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a personalized approach and a professional experience that will meet your goals and expectations.

Our team provide a unique service whose approach is based on listening to your needs. By offering a product designed and developed by people here, for people here, we are able to understand the issues met by your organization and, therefore, we can offer you customized solutions, perfectly suited to your situation. Also, we are always looking to build a personalized relationship with our clients, while ensuring a quick and easy access to our services.

Our PSA Solution
Conceived, developed and marketed in Quebec, our MANITOU PSA solution is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software entirely web-based which gives and allows service companies to better manage their business processes by automating and simplifying them, in an effort to increase the organizational productivity as well as the quality management.

Your data remains at all times in Quebec, and our implementation and support teams are available to speak with you in French or in English, according to your preferences. Our contracts are in French, all prices are in Canadian dollars and everything is applied with the laws in effect in Quebec. As the functions are the same, why not encourage firms here?

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