A full suite of high-productivity modules

Manitou's modules


A full suite of high-productivity modules


Natural selection has never been this easy and effective. The right candidate at the right time.



Are you on top of all your projects?

  • Automate and streamline project startup
  • Streamline project costing and cost monitoring
  • Free up key personnel to increase billable hours by simplifying project follow-up

MANITOU – PROJECTS automates project management, from the drawing board to the final invoice.

Automatically manage different project aspects:

  • Contracts
  • Activities and deliverables
  • Internal agreements/outsourcing
  • Assignments and resource availability
  • Efforts and profitability
  • SR&ED initiatives


Manage the most valuable resources of all!

  • Streamline HR management (HRM) by centralizing all employee data
  • Support managers with comprehensive, easily accessible employee files
  • Automate and streamline all employee communications

MANITOU – HR helps you better manage the human capital that is your organization’s most precious asset—and the biggest cost for professional services organizations.

Confidential employee information has to be handled with care and kept secure. And the basic inputs in payroll management systems have to be efficient, accurate, and timely. This is exactly what you get with an integrated system like MANITOU.

  • Full employee record (can be accessed directly by the employee)
  • Remuneration and payroll
  • Professional profile
  • Social club activity management
  • E-bulletin board


Productivity management is also time management!

  • Simplify timekeeping by eliminating manual time sheets
  • Automate and streamline absence and overtime payment requests
  • Eliminate the risk of errors
  • Give employees control over harmonized time data

MANITOU – TIME gives you the tools to automate management of employee working hours, absences, and overtime. Decentralizing information collection lets you perform more transactions faster, optimizing time management.

  • Electronic timesheets
  • Management of absence requests
  • Time bank management
  • Overtime management
  • Approvals
  • Pay adjustment reports
  • Holiday calendars
  • Statutory holidays


Productivity and profitability go hand in hand with cost control.

  • Automate the payroll adjustment process
  • Streamline and standardize employee expense account reporting processes
  • Automate expense approval and reimbursement
  • Automate and maximize tax recovery

MANITOU – EXPENSES simplifies expense account reporting and automates the approval and reimbursement process as well as tax recovery calculations.

  • Expense account management
  • Approval management
  • Automated tax recovery
  • Statistics by expense type
  • Data automatically input to Project management module


Improve cash flow with accelerated invoicing.

  • Automate and streamline project invoicing and work-in-progress calculations
  • Streamline provisional invoicing
  • Simplify cost and revenue monitoring

MANITOU – INVOICING lets you simplify and automate invoicing and facilitates communication between project managers and administrative staff, reducing the time spent producing and processing invoices prior to delivering them to your customers.

Better yet, harmonizing invoicing with accounting entries streamlines accounting processes and eliminates errors from manual calculations of work in progress, totals billed in advance, tax amounts, revenue breakdowns by division, sector, and department as well as manual entries in accounts receivable. MANITOU - INVOICING lets you track billable hours per employee, revenue per customer, and costs per subcontractor.

  • Automatically generated customer invoices
  • Pre-billing approvals
  • Automated work-in-progress and advanced billing calculations
  • Electronic invoice delivery to customers
  • Automatically generated accounting entries and accounts receivable entries
  • Billable hours per employee
  • Revenues per client
  • Efforts per subcontractor


Maximize accounting efficiency by automatically producing accounting entries.

  • Reduce the time to produce monthly financial statements
  • Cut down accounting errors
  • Optimize accounting productivity

MANITOU – ACCOUNTING enables you to automate accounting entries for business processes, dramatically shortening the time it takes to produce financial statements and eliminating errors from manual entries. Managers get the accurate information they need when they need it, monthly or on demand.

  • Transfer and update all employee records
  • Make payroll adjustments
  • Transfer and update client files
  • Break down revenues into specific categories on a project basis
  • Manage inter-departmental revenues and expenses
  • Manage, approve, and transfer expense accounts
  • Manage SR&ED files
  • Manage intangible assets