May 16, 2016

MANITOU CRM— 100% productivity!

With over 25 years of experience as a sales representative, business developer, sales manager and now as Vice President of the division among MANITOU MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, and especially after using several customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, such as Sugar CRM, ACT, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM MANITOU, I can now say that a CRM is an essential tool for any organization. Anyhow, you still need to know how to use it, and to use it for the right reasons.

Basically, a CRM solution for a B2B company should be set up to meet the following objectives:

  • Enable the organization to identify all of its business opportunities (sales “Funnel”), and know that the famous pyramid view is not mandatory to make your CRM credible;
  • Help manage the growth of your business opportunities through personalized sales cycle of your business reality;
  • Measure the good progress of all your business opportunities, and identify the extra strategies to put in place, all to ensure you get the sales;
  • Allow to measure the performance of your sales team, in dollars, of course, but also in terms of completed activities;
  • Help manage the entry of notes and tasks to your commercial activities (tasks should also be centralized and accessible in one place);
  • Enable the centralization and the sharing of customer information, contacts and business opportunities to the rest of your organization;
  • Enable secure access of your CRM solution based on your users’ roles.

After ensuring the basic functions, let’s see the essential features for your productivity:

  • Allow customization of your reports, ensuring that you do not need a programmer;
  • Allow creation and the sending of business documents or service offers, confidentiality agreements, contracts, etc., from centralized templates and sending these documents, even from your CRM solution;
  • Enable minimally sending emails from your CRM solution;
  • Allow sending mass emails and optimize your telephone following solicitation campaigns.

Finally, the perfect CRM solution should integrate all of my operations, and this is exactly what the MANITOU PSA solution provides! The creation of your projects based on the opportunities gained and the centralization of the information of your clients and contacts for all the other business processes of your organization (project management, contract management, invoicing and general ledger book transfers) will be in good hands with our solutions.
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MANITOU CRM— 100% productivity!

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